Event Venue in Nagpur | Ez Celebration

Event Venue in Nagpur | Ez Celebration

EZ- Celebration is a handcrafted venue for making your occasions or events more special for you and your dear ones.

The location is really good for the grand events and is one of the best venues in Nagpur. The EZ- Celebration does suffice its name of being royal, as our whole team from management to support staff is highly committed to providing merely the finest of fine service and quality to our clients.

We are dedicated to offering excellent guest service in which we put our efforts to understand even the minute detail of our guests. We are building a place with a quality with an uncompromising commitment to the service and quality. Enjoy Your summer one splash at a time.

EZ Celebration – Hilltop Farmhouse is a luxury farmhouse with a swimming pool! The Swimming pool nested on a hilltop, for your quick vacation plans so close to the city yet away from the chaos.

Whereas, EZ Celebration – Lake view Farmhouse is a perfect farmhouse with lake sideview and an adventure waterpark which will give you and your family members an unforgettable experience.


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