Video conferencing equipment

Video conferencing equipment Video conferencing equipment

Upgrade your video conferencing setup with the Klick U2 Video Conferencing equipment, designed to deliver exceptional video quality, versatile zoom, and advanced control features for a seamless and professional conferencing experience.

Klick U2 – Key Features:
• Full HD 1080P 60fps: Experience smooth and high-definition video quality with 1080P resolution at 60 frames per second, ensuring professional and lifelike visuals.
• 12X / 10X Optical Zoom with 16X Digital Zoom: Capture detailed close-ups and wide-angle shots effortlessly with powerful optical and digital zoom capabilities.
• 1 / 2.7″ CMOS Image Sensor: Utilize a high-quality CMOS image sensor for superior image clarity, color accuracy, and low-light performance.
• Pan -170° ~ +170° & Tilt -30° ~ +90°: Achieve comprehensive coverage with wide-range pan and tilt capabilities, allowing precise control over camera movement and positioning.
• H.264/H.265 Image Compression: Benefit from advanced image compression technologies for efficient streaming and recording without compromising video quality.
• Multiple Interfaces (USB, HDMI, and IP): Enjoy flexible connectivity options with USB, HDMI, and IP interfaces, making it easy to integrate with various devices and conferencing systems.

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