Resort near tadoba

Resort near tadoba Resort near tadoba

“The Gond kings ruled over this area for several centuries, as they did much of central India. The Marathas established their rule in the 18th century, followed by the British about a century later. Tadoba’s forests and grasslands became part of the ‘Raj’ and subject to its forest management practices. The protection of timber stocks was the primary interest, and wildlife conservation followed incidentally.

The area was declared a Reserved Forest in 1879. The shooting of tigers, except with ‘special permits’ was stopped in 1905. Restrictions were placed on the shooting of all animals in 1931. A total of 45 sq km surrounding Tadoba Lake was proclaimed a sanctuary in 1935. In 1942 the area was declared a game reserve, with Moharli, Karwa, Kalsa, and Mul being the designated shooting blocks. Permits were issued to shoot tigers in the Karwa and Kalsa blocks.

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