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Heat Sink Compound, thermal paste

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Thermal paste, Heat sink compound, CPU grease, Thermal compound, Heat paste etc. It is commonly used as a interface between heat sink and heat source and also used in electronics devices for better heat consumption. The Important

role of Thermal grease is to vanish air gaps or spaces from the internal area to increase the heat transfer , improves the coupling between components.
Thermal paste is use to reduce the heat between different components, drain away heat generated by electrical resistance in devices including power transistors. Thermal paste having greater thermal conductivity and normally liquid metal

paste are most in used. Stable viscosity at high temperatures.
Thermal grease having polymerized liquid matrix and large volume of fractions electrically insulting, but thermally conductive filler. Effective pastes are consists of entirely liquid metal. Thermal paste includes gallium, which is highly corrosive

to aluminium and cannot be used on aluminium heat sink.
Cooling these devices is must because more amount of heat rapidly decreases their performance and cause the major drawback to your PC or PC recovery is might be impossible.
Thermal paste have different Viscosity which known as EMV, HV, MV. EMV means External High Viscosity, HV means High Viscosity, MV means Medium Viscosity of Thermal Paste Compound.
EMV- External High Viscosity Compound is use for critical applications where call of application is extremely high viscous.
HV- High Viscosity Thermal paste provide long thermal stability over wide range of transposition. It contains constant viscosity at different levels of Temperature.
MV- Medium Viscosity compound is designed for medium to high temperature applications. suitable with all metals, non metals, gives good stability for long years.
Heat sink compound Having different Temperature applications Known as:-
HF- High FLow of heat maximum heat transfer by eliminating air gaps between the interface area of heat sink and heat source with thermal condictivity 3.8W/(m.k). High Consistency and 5 years of service life.
MF- Medium Flow of heat it is suitable with all types of meatls & non metals with thermal conductivity 2.3W/(m.k). 5 years of service life etc.
BG-Brushable compound where end application demands requirement are lower viscosity for easy to brush application with thermal conductivity 1.8W/(m.k). service life for 5 years.


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